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13 March 2003 - new version 0.4.4 now live

The online demo has been upgraded to a new beta version. Note that 0.4.4 hasn't been placed in the downloads section of the project folder yet. This is coming soon.

Changes include:

  • Better support for defect estimating and tracking.
  • Added automatic estimation to job creation.
  • Stores the current job and time in a cookie for convenience.
  • UI is a little (not much) nicer looking.
  • Database schema changed to accommodate new capabilities.
  • Many bugs fixed.
  • A few new bugs introduced (I'll leave finding these as an exercise for the reader...)

18 Sep 2001 - demo fixed and is working again!

From the psp-web main page, click "demo".

23 Apr 2001 - demo is up & running!

From the psp-web main page, click "demo".

4 Apr 2001 - release 0.4

This release includes:

  • job ids are now hidden in all screens, replaced with description
  • slight usability enhancements

26 Feb 2001 - release 0.3

This release includes:

  • basic time log entry and report
  • basic defect entry and report
  • basic project entry and project summary (times & defects)

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