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PSP-WEB is a software process metrics gathering package. I have automated the forms necessary to implement part of the personal software process ("PSP") developed by Watts Humphrey and the SEI. I recommend picking up a copy of his book(s).

This project is still in the early stages, but it has been released to the world. It contains all of the major functionality, but a lot of the details need to be completed. Especially since the reporting pieces aren't that great, and metrics won't do you any good unless you have some means of analyzing them. To get an idea of the pieces that remain, look at the file TODO in the tarball.

So check out the PSP, check out PSP-WEB, and come back later to pick up a better version! (And let me know if you find bugs or have feature requests.)

Also of interest to those seeking automation tools for PSP might be processdash.

PSP and Personal Software Process are service marks of Carnegie-Mellon University.

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